Are you having difficulty with your emotional regulation or experiencing mental health symptoms such as impulsive behaviours, anxiety, eating disorders, or Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)? You are not alone, as recent statistics show that over 30% of the UK population experience the same symptoms. Fortunately, there are a few solutions to manage the symptoms. Dialectical Behaviour Therapy DBT with DBT Group Therapy Online has proven very useful.

DBT Therapy Online: How Does It Work and Who Should Use It?

Dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) is available both in-person and online. People choose online DBT treatment due to health/safety concerns, geographical distance from an in-person clinician, or personal desire. DBT treatment delivered online should follow the same framework as in-person DBT, with slight modifications to account for the virtual context.

DBT Skills Taught in Dialectical Behavior Therapy Online

Skills training is an important component of DBT and is often taught in a group setting, with a mental health practitioner providing new DBT skills weekly. There is also homework for participants to practise the techniques that are useful in many situations in everyday life.

The skills taught in the online DBT therapy include


Mindfulness skills are learned and integrated into the DBT online programs rather than separately. They are a crucial component of DBT, allowing you to easily access your inner knowledge. This causes you to be more aware of what you are thinking, feeling, requiring, and desiring, allowing you to profoundly manage your emotions.

Emotion regulation

If you are a passionate individual with strong impulses and emotions, people may call you an “empath” since your emotions are very intense. This is usually the case when you hear disturbing news of humans or animals getting hurt or mistreated. While you don’t want to lose the compassionate side of yourself, it is valuable to learn to channel the intense emotions, so you don’t lose yourself to them. Learning to regulate your emotions can help you stay in control and keep everything in balance so your relationships won’t suffer.

Distress tolerance

We can all be a bit impulsive sometimes. However, it can be difficult to manage the upset distress if your emotions are too intense. You might end up resorting to habits that are unhealthy in the long run. For instance, it is common to see emotionally sensitive individuals take to impulsive behaviours such as binge eating or substance abuse when distresses feel too much to bear. While those unhealthy coping mechanisms may offer temporary relief, they can affect your long-term goals of building a fulfilling life.

Interpersonal effectiveness

Interpersonal effectiveness enables you to gain more insight into your relationship blockages and work toward developing and nurturing meaningful long-term relationships. Interpersonal effectiveness could help improve your family relationships and personal or romantic relationships and forge workplace connections. You’ll develop tried-and-true interpersonal skills that have helped many people with BPD, empaths, and emotionally sensitive people desiring meaningful relationships. The interpersonal theory can also be useful for reducing suicidal thoughts and improving connections between group members.

Based on your geographical location and closeness to treatment alternatives and healthcare requirements, engaging professional DBT therapists online may be suitable for you. DBT Group Therapy Online may be done successfully and effectively with unique precautions.


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